Private Lessons

Private Lessons is where most people begin when learning to play an
instrument. It's also where pros go to enrich their skills and cultivate their
craft in specific areas such as songwriting, theory and improvisation.
Wherever your destination, our instructors are dedicated to helping
you overcome the challenges and surpass your expectations.


A poor mix leads to a dissatisfying listening experience. The result is a flat, uninteresting track that doesn’t allow your talent to shine through. At this stage, we invest a lot of time and energy into making exciting tracks you will be proud of. We don’t cut corners or take the easy way out here.

Guitar - Bass - Piano - Drums & Percussion


What’s the difference between a great recording and a professional recording? The answer: Mastering. Mastering gives your song the extra 10% that makes you sound like a serious artist. Mastering is an art in itself. We send all of our mixes out to a mastering house to get the detailed touch of an expert. Professional artists have a specific engineer just for mastering - you should too!


Let us help you turn your great song into a

killer arrangement. Sometimes, the slightest change in the production phase of a record makes all the difference in the world. We have years of experience making records, touring and writing music. Let's work together to make your next song a hit.


Includes a 30 minute one on one lesson

at a set time each week. 

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Hour Lessons


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Half Hour Lessons