Learning music in a small group setting will give you more results, faster than traditional one-on-one lessons. How is this possible? Discover the many myths about group lessons below and why group lessons may be your best option for achieving your goals.
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Why Group Lessons Work

It is a commonly held (and wrong) belief that private one-on-one lessons are the best and fastest way to achieve your musical goals. The truth is that when you learn alongside other students who are focused on developing similar skills to you, your progress will skyrocket. Many students find this hard to believe. Here are 4 big reasons that prove it.



Reason 1: You will develop a much greater sense of musicality and musical nuance.


Music is a language, and to truly develop your ability to play music you must apply it an organic way. Playing in a group setting with others allows you to "speak" the language of music. Many students struggle or get stuck because they spend tons of time "practicing" alone but rarely use what they are practicing. Playing with other musicians is in many respects necessary to developing nuanced skills like dynamics, rhythm, and improvisation.


Reason 2: You will learn from fellow students and they will learn from you. Everyone wins.


Another student may ask a question you didn't think to ask. More connections are made and new ways of understanding are brought about. This not only leads to enhanced understanding and music making but will also heighten your musical consciousness.



Reason 3: You will have far more accountability and commitment.


In a group setting, you will have the reinforcement and support of other students you are learning with and thus have a greater sense of commitment to not only your own musical development but to the group as a whole. You are also more likely to push through obstacles and excuses from practicing because the rest of the group is holding you accountable. This is also something you are doing for each of your group members. This creates an environment where learning is easy and enjoyable.



Reason 4: You will be cultivating the NUMBER ONE ability any musician has, (which many musicians neglect.)


What is the greatest tool you have as a musician? The answer is very simple. Your ears! Being able to listen to what someone else is playing and knowing how to join in and play along with confidence and good taste is one of the most important abilities you have as a musician. Knowing how to listen, what to listen for and how to use that to make music will take your playing from average to incredible.

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