Instrument Repair

Your instrument is important to you, and keeping it in the best shape is essential to
playing with ease and a sense of freedom. Whether you're experiencing fret buzz, intonation problems, cracks or structural damage, or just want a set-up to keep your guitar or bass playing at peak performance, we have your needs covered.
Below is a list of some of the repair services we offer for fretted instruments. If there's
something you're looking for that you don't see, call us and we'll assess whether we can help or will make a recommendation to someone who can!

Guitar & Bass Repair

  • Re-string (incl. restring, fretboard cleaning/hydration)

  • Set-ups (incl. restring, intonation adjustment, neck relief, fretboard hydration/conditioning, cleaning & polish)

  • Electronics (pickup installation, grounding issues etc.)

  • Frets ("Dead" frets/Fret buzz issues, Leveling, Polish, Re-fretting)

  • Nuts (Installation, Lubrication, Repairs, String spacing/sizing)

  • Hardware (installation/replacement of bridges, tuners, etc.)

  • Structural Repairs (Cracks, holes, broken necks/bracing etc.)

Call to inquire about pricing and other services