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A musician never stops learning. Total beginner or seasoned pro, young or adult -
We specialize in one thing: Helping you learn how to play the way you've always wanted to. Private lessons offer you the most personalized attention for learning.
Guitar - Bass - Piano - Drums - Voice - Woodwinds - Brass - Strings - NYSSMA Prep

Taking the first step onto the path of becoming a musician is a very rewarding and life changing experience. This stage of the process can also be the most frustrating without the proper guidance of a teacher who knows how to teach beginners. Fortunately, our teachers are experts who will hold your hand through the entire process, making learning a new instrument fun, exciting and easy.



Want Lessons for Your Children?


The best gift you can give your child is the ability to play a musical instrument. This is a skill they take with them throughout their entire life. Learning to play an instrument also fosters creativity, brain development, and coordination.


Our instructors are experienced in teaching kids of all ages and know how to help your child learn in a way that is both highly effective and fun!


Our lesson rooms are spacious, comfortable and safe. Each room has a window so you can check in on your child during their lesson.


At this stage, you have the basics down. You can maneuver your instrument and probably know a song or two. At this stage, your biggest challenge is putting together all of the pieces you learned in the "beginner" phase and making music out of it. Intermediate players are very likely to hit a plateau which can last for months or even years and be very discouraging.


Sound familiar?


At this point in your learning curve, we are going to show you how to make consistent progress on your instrument and continue to make music that inspires you. There are a series of steps you need to understand and then follow in the way you practice and play your instrument. Once you have done that, the path will become crystal clear and you will start to see your potential for hitting advanced levels in your playing.


Every truly great musician throughout history knew that mastery is a never ending process. Together we have one focus: Getting Results.


Mastery should be your goal. If others could achieve mastery on their instrument, why not you? Our instructors are each a master of their craft in their own right. We will show you exactly what you need to do to achieve your musical goals.


You will learn:


  • How to diagnose problem areas in your playing, and what to do to fix them

  • Exactly what and how to practice

  • The best way to build speed and precision

  • How to foster and build creativity

  • The process of mastery for ANY skill

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