We are flexible on our rates, especially for longer bookings. Our passion is to help local musicians make awesome sounding recordings.
All rates include an engineer.


60/Hour - Bands

40/Hour - Solo Artists

A great record starts right at the source, making tracking the most vital step of the process. You have a specific vision and sound in mind for your project. At The Sound Cellar, you will receive a free consultation where we will determine exactly what techniques and gear to use in order to properly capture your sound.



100/Song - Bands

70/Song - Solo Artists

A poor mix leads to a dissatisfying listening experience. The result is a flat, uninteresting track that doesn’t allow your talent to shine through. At this stage, we invest a lot of time and energy into making exciting tracks you will be proud of. We don’t cut corners or take the easy way out here.



What’s the difference between a great recording and a professional recording? The answer: Mastering. Mastering gives your song the extra 10% that makes you sound like a serious artist. Mastering is an art in itself. We send all of our mixes out to a mastering house to get the detailed touch of an expert. Professional artists have a specific engineer just for mastering - you should too!



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Take advantage of the many wonders of analog recording with our 16 channel 1" tape machine. We offer a variety of services such as tracking to tape, mixing and mastering through tape and analog to digital transfers of existing recordings.