Grab your instrument, jump into a room with other musicians and unleash your passion. Our student bands are led by instructors who all have experience writing, recording and touring with real bands. What you will learn here cannot be found in any book. Now you can get all of this insider wisdom and learn how to play with a band.
Guitar - Bass - Piano - Drums - Voice - Woodwinds - Brass - Strings
It's Easier Than You Think

Joining one of our student bands is very simple, and you don't need to be an advanced player to be eligible. Our Student Band program includes private one-on-one and group lessons as well as a weekly band rehearsal, so there is no need to fear that you will not be "good enough" at your instrument. Your teacher will hold your hand every step of the way and show you exactly what to do.


Weekly Band Rehearsal


At one hour band rehearsals every week you will play your favorite songs with your bandmates under the guidance of a teacher. You will learn key elements to playing with a band such as timing, rhythm, improvisation and much more.


Weekly Private and Group Lessons


Once per week, you will get a 30 minute lesson privately with your teacher or in a small group with one or two of your bandmates. At these lessons you will focus on specific techniques, challenging sections of songs and your overall musical development to take you to your biggest goals.

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